We’re Home.



We did it!

On May 24, 2013 we received our Certificate of Occupancy from Buncombe County. It’s amazing how fast we were able to complete our log home. With the help of some wonderful people we were able to build this log home in record time. For Example:

22 Weeks to Clear / Excavate the 1000 ft Driveway and Build Site

2 Weeks to Prepare and Set 10 Foot Walls Foundation

2 Days to Set our Blue Ridge Log Cabin Jocassee Log Home

8 Weeks to Trim Log Home Inside and Out

12 Weeks to Finish Out Foundation / Deck / HVAC /

Along the way we have shared some of our experience. There is so much more we just didn’t have time to get to. As we move in and begin to make our log house a home, we will continue to share and look back at some of the building elements. It is so exciting to see it all come together. We’re getting all of the construction dust and material cleaned up, and will post some current photos this weekend.


5 responses to “We’re Home.

  1. Congratulations I am very happy for you.

    My wife and I will be stopping by BRLC in SC on 7/6 on our way to our cabin rental in Maggie Valley. We own property near there there and would love to plant a BRLC on the site.

    We are empty nesters who are fed up with S. Florida. We’ve been here since ’75.

    Best of luck

    Amedeo and Lorraine Colucci Plantation, Florida

  2. That’s wonderful. Love Maggie Valley, my favorite store, High Country Designs is there. We lived 30 years in South Florida, and it never felt like home. Small town living is so wonderful! Come by and see us some time in Black Mountain. Safe travels.

  3. We are also looking at building the jocassee v with an above ground basement using superior walls. We toured the model home in Jul, Chris worked with us regarding some modifications. Any suggestions/lessons learned you can share? Your home is beautiful and I have enjoyed following the blog.

    • Cindy, as with any home design there are so many details to the project. Planning for electrical is always a challenge to me – especially in a log home where wiring after the fact is very difficult. Plan your lighting and electrical outlets and switches carefully – to me more is better. I am very happy with the design we ended up with. After living in the house for a couple of months I’m really glad we made the changes we did. Send me a copy of your design if you would like a second opinion.

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