our Jocassee

The log home we are building is the Jocassee V Floor Plan from Blue Ridge Log Cabins and it is almost perfect for our family. Our lot is at 3500 ft in the Blue Ridge Mountains with views of Mt. Mitchell and Grandfather Mountain, and the open floor plan and large wall of windows takes advantage of this. The plan is a 2 story home with an open loft, which we love, but we need a bit more space so we have opted to have the home set on top of a full walkout basement for a total of 4191 SF. Now I really hate the word basement, because technically it is really our first floor. This will be custom designed precast concrete walls which are 10 foot high and pre insulated, purchased from Superior Walls. We will finish the first floor with interior tongue and groove and on the exterior we will rock the front of the center section and put log siding on the remaining 3 sides which will be stained the same as the upper full log levels. In this first gallery you will see the original floor plan supplied by Blue Ridge Log Cabins before we made any modifications.

So here is a rundown of a few of the things we are customizing:

  1. We have taken out the bedroom in the back of the main floor and made that our Master Bath.
  2. We have added a Guest Bath to the main floor.
  3. We took out the desk and put in a nice big Kitchen Pantry which will hold a small chest freezer.
  4. Made some changes to the Utility/Mud Room – added a sink and moved the location of W/D.
  5. Moved around and resized some windows throughout.
  6. Changed the cabinet configuration in the Kitchen – had them mix a custom stain.
  7. Took out the small dividing wall next to the Kitchen Island and designed a new Kitchen Island.
  8. Changed the square footage by increasing the size of the Kitchen and Master Bedroom and decreased the Living Room slightly.
  9. Moved the Kitchen and Master Bedrooms forward a few feet … just to name a few.

Yea, the guys in the design department must have gotten tired of our many rounds of changes, but they were very patient with me. They also supplied us with the floor plan for the first floor that we were able to give to Superior Walls.

The gallery below is our modified floor plan. (Download a copy here.)

The design team also supplied us with these Elevation Renderings of the exterior of the house.

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This is a gallery of the Jocassee V Model Home. It will give you a good idea what ours will be like. I’ll be posting some of our own interior design ideas along the way.

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44 responses to “our Jocassee

  1. Love this!! I just emailed you some questions;) we are looking at a Jocassee model and I would LOVE to see yours!! I like a lot of the modifications you made!

  2. I am so enjoying watching your progress! We have been talking with BRLC, trying to customize a Jocassee to fit our budget and needs:)
    I do intend to contact you eventually, finding a nice quiet time to chat on the phone is hard with little ones underfoot. In the meantime, thanks for allowing all of us to live vicariously through you!
    I did have one question- we are planning to do a full walkout basement, with two bedrooms, a bath and mud room downstairs, similar to yours. and we are planning to use Superior Walls (just have to find a rep close to us). Who helped you design the layout and floor plan downstairs? I am like you, I hate to think of it as a basement, since it will have 10’high ceilings, lots of windows and be another story of living space:)

    • Aubry, my husband and I modified the plan ourselves with the help of Wesley and Jason at Blue Ridge Log Cabins. They are very patient and accommodating – of course have modified so many homes they have some good insite. They drew up the plans for us even though they are not involved in the build out. When working on your plans take your time and make sure all your electrical outlets and lighting are sufficient on the log walls, once the house is up it is MUCH harder to adjust than a typical stick built home is. Windows and light are important to me, I’ve found that I need to put in more lighting than normal, the wood seems to absorbe the light and spaces like my dining room are sometimes to dim for me.

  3. You have designed our Dream Home! We own 29 acres in Tennessee that we hope to build a log home on one day. The only change I would make is that the upstairs bath would only be a half-bath and the Loft would be purely loft. Great design!

    • I debated removing the loft bath, but with 4 children and 7 brothers and sisters we expect a lot of guests – you can never have to many bathrooms.
      I hope you visit Blue Ridge before you build.

  4. Can you give approximate cost for the log home you are building? Not including the land, but the basement. Would like to know if My dream of building one like this could be possible. Just ballpark what you will have in it. Thanks, Beverly Sites

  5. I too am interested in the approx cost, we are designing a modified Jocassee now, with Superior walls for our basement, finished with much the same layout as yours. Would you mind emailing me the info as well?

  6. Ditto, could you please approx pricing? We’re looking at building in the same general area and the size and layout are what we’ve been looking at. Thanks!

  7. I love some of the modification ideas you made. I am also wondering if you can email me the approximate cost including a completed basement of what you spent, not including the cost of the land. Thank you so much.

  8. Hi, I’m also looking to build, and still trying to choose an area in Western NC. Where did you choose and what is the rough cost per square foot?
    Is the foundation/ basement a separate cost?

    • WNC has so many wonderful small towns it is hard to pinpoint what would be best for anyone. We choose Black Mountain because it is so quaint and friendly. Everything we need is just a few minutes from our property. Other towns are more remote and you may need to drive 20-40 minutes to access a large grocery store. Property with views close to town are hard to find and can be very expensive. We vacationed every summer in WNC for years before we started looking for property so we had an idea where to start. SQ FT costs are impossible for me to estimate, so much depends on your model and options – with any Modular build the foundation/basement is the financial and construction responsibility of the owner. Typically you would hire a local GC to handle that for you. Not sure if this answer is any help to you – but I can say I have had only good experiences with Blue Ridge Log Cabins – you should visit their facility in South Carolina.

  9. Hello! My husband and I have recently decided to build a modular log home. We are at the beginning of our search but so far keep coming back to brlc. We are a bit far, living in south western Pennsylvania. But it seems like brlc has exactly what were looking for so far. Depending on transportation costs of getting the finished product here we just may decide to go with them. We are also interested in the jocassee IV or V depending on the price we may have to do some modifying. I’m hoping to get some answers and price ranges from brlc tmw. Would you mind Sending me an approx. cost as well Beverly? I hate to be nosy but we are trying to see if we are way out of our league! Thanks so much! Everything looks so beautiful so far!

  10. Thank you for posting your experiences building a new home. My wife and I recently stopped at the BRLC models in SC and were quite impressed with the Jocassee V model on display there. We have property in NC (outside of Burnsville) and would be very interested in any cost information you would be willing to share. Our site, like yours, is quite well suited for a walkout basement and the thought of that additional living space is very appealing. Your information would help decide if this is way out of our league.
    Again, thanks for providing a narrative of your experience.

  11. I am in love with your editting of the jocasse floor plan, what did the total cost of the home end up being?

  12. I would also like to see some addl details on pricing if possible to include the on site preps. I have been looking at land in TN as well as western NC and near the Lake Lure, NC and SC border area. I just toured the Jocassee this weekend and already made some similar AUTOCAD changes on my software at home and are consistent with some of yours. Kind of curious to know what the design change (customizing) $$$ does as long as you do not change the external shell configuration. I still may shift to the Pigsah though…Thanks

  13. We are also interested in building in Western North Carolina and your modifications fit right into what we are looking for. Would you please email me the costs (not including the land). We are at the beginning stages and it will really help. Thanks

  14. We have been looking for awhile. I came across this website and love the idea. We own our land and would love to know an aproximate cost. Would really appreciate the help. Thanks

  15. I’m also looking to buy a home through BRLC and was wondering about the cost. I know it varies depending on finishes, etc, but if you could let me know your cost and overall satisfaction with BRLC? Thank you!

  16. We just purchased 40 acres in Michigan and I am interested in how much your cost was as well to get a ball park, we would be looking at house pretty close to yours with the modifications you made, Thanks

  17. Wow, this is totally my dream home so amazing! Would you be willing to email me the approximate cost including a completed basement? Not including the land obviously :) thank you!

  18. I would also love to get the approx cost of your beautiful home! I know you must be tired of sending this information but it would be so helpful!

  19. We are also looking at the BLRC models, love your model and would also be interested in your total cost with changes. We are also looking at putting it up on a first floor. Thanks and enjoy your beautiful home!

  20. I would also love to get the approx cost of your beautiful home! I know you must be tired of sending this information but it would be so helpful! We plan on visiting Blue Ridge Log Cabins in SC this weekend. I appreciate any information you can give me!

  21. Yet another person looking for a ball park cost – I already own a vacation home in the NC mountains but am planning on moving up full time in the future. We never seem to see the perfect home, and am seriously considering building.

  22. Hi, we have 400 acres in the countryside of Ohio and would love to build a large Jocassee down there. Do you mind giving me an idea of what your build ending up costing you guys? I would love to see more photos of your cabin! Thanks so much!

  23. Thank your for sharing your experience, very helpful. We are also considering the J5 and would like some info on cost from the foundation up. Anything you could share would be great. Thanks, DT
    What a great project

  24. Hi –
    Another request on cost estimate:)? We actually stayed in one of your rentals in Black Mountain a couple of years ago and that is what sparked our interest in building a log home. Loved it! We have just purchased our land. We really like how you modified your plan. Thanks.

  25. I am looking at building a BRLC as well. Would you be willing to forward the approx cost to my email as well?

    Thank you! This home is beautiful, nice job on the design!

  26. Hi, I am currently looking at building this model. What what your cost and how are you likingnthenhouse a few years later. Is everything holding up well. I live in the nc mountains and this is my favorite option at the time.
    Thanks. Taber

  27. Thank you for the detailed information on your BRLC Home progress. We too are in the process of planning and customizing the Jocassee IV model to see if it is the right home for us. Would be interested in having you send me pricing details if you do not mind. We have the land to put the log home but am looking for the average cost of the BRLC Home, the Superior Wall Basement completion, the grading and septic system, the driveway and the finished deck and porch work (I do not believe that is covered in the BRLC pricing). Please let me know – thank you!

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