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Working with Beverly and Mike these past 8 years has been such a joy for everyone at BRLC. Having built 2 cabins for them already, we were thrilled when they came to us and announced they were planning to build their “Dream Home” in 2013 and that we were the company they wanted to do it. This third home for the Roseman’s is going to be spectacular and our engineers have had so much fun working on designing it with Beverly and Mike, they love a challenge and are always ready to take our homeowners dreams and turn them into realities.

A cookie cutter home builder we are NOT, never having built the same exact home twice, our team is dedicated to making sure that each home is a reflection of its homeowner…one of a kind and unique. This home that we are building for the Roseman’s is unlike any other and we hope you are as excited as we are that they are taking us all on their journey with them!

If the anticipation of the build day that we are going to be filming LIVE up at the Roseman’s property is killing you then, you can calm your craving and go check out some Build Day Experience Videos on our website at: www.blueridgelogcabins.com 

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