Floors Get a Polish

One of the final processes before we can move in (other than getting our electricity turned on) is the finishing of the hardwood floors. When purchasing a Blue Ridge Log Cabin you have many options when it comes to the floors. There is the included package of Heartwood Pine that comes installed but not finished with your cabin. You can also choose from there selection of optional upgrades or pre-engineered pre-finished floors. I’m not exactly sure what they carry, so speaking to one of their Building Specialists would be best. But for this house we choose to supply our own flooring. Another great feature of a modular build, your flexibility is much greater than you might think.

Blue Ridge completed the subfloors and we opted to upgrade to an ASH #2, a wood with rich color variations and a very dense wood that will stand up to the abuse my family will no doubt inflict. Ash #2 is not in BRLC’s customary choices, but they worked with us to find a supplier and have it installed after the house was delivered. Now we have hired a local professional to come in and sand and finish the floors. Yesterday they started and this is the result after the sanding and one coat of polyurethane. Two more coats to go.

Downstairs on the concrete slab you can not use a solid hardwood, so we opted for a Pre-engineered, Pre-finished Acacia from Lumber Liquidators. Also a beautiful wood and one of the hardest available.

hardwood floorslumber liquidators

Pre-engineered Acacia from Lumber Liquidators

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