Log Cabin Kits vs Modular Log Home

It’s an exciting week for us. In just 12 weeks we have just about completed the construction and finishing of our new log home. In two days Feb 28/Mar 1, 2013 Blue Ridge Log Cabins delivered and constructed our new log home on top of our Superior Walls foundation. Now as we enter our 13th week of finishing, it looks like this could be the week. This week we just may get our Certificate of Occupancy.

As we have told you before, we built our first log home from a “log home kit” and it was also constructed on a Superior Walls foundation. Granted, we were new to the log home process, but even with an experienced General Contractor it took us 18 months from the time the logs were delivered to the house site to get our Certificate of Occupancy. Our Blue Ridge Log Cabin home is 1500 SF larger and we are about to complete the home in just 13 weeks! Need I say more about Log Cabin Kits vs Modular Log Cabin building?

What about a Log Cabin vs Stick Built? Many of you might think that a log home is not right for your neighborhood. Well, I’m not sure I would build one in New York City, but if you have not seen what Blue Ridge Log Cabins built for the Homeless Veterans in Fayetteville, NC you should check this out. This amazing home was built with the Extreme Home Make Over crew, see what Johnny Littlefield had to say. In downtown Fayetteville this log home fits in as it would in most any region of America. Check out these photos.


5 responses to “Log Cabin Kits vs Modular Log Home

  1. I’ve appreciated following along your journey. We’re hoping to build a Jocassee 1 sometime in the next 18 months in Wears Valley. Your process has given us much food for thought and helped us think through several things. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I hope that it was helpful to you. There are so many details that I wish I cod have included in the blog, we just have not had the time to cover it all. We plan on keeping the blog going for a while and hopefully will corcle back to review some items.

      Every log home we built has had its own challenges, but what we have learned thru the process is invaluable. Feel free to post any questions, we will answer the best we can from our experiences.

      Good luck with your build!

  2. Thanks for sharing the experience about the log cabins. These log cabin houses are very common in this century. And it is an innovative idea in the architecture field. Keep sharing these kind of information in the upcoming pages.

  3. Thank you so much for posting your experiences here! My husband and I are looking for land in Northern California as all the homes in the small town are VERY OLD and really more of a knock down. Building something of our own is a big consideration; yet, we don’t know if builders are out in the area….so….finding a home builder that will do it all if more of a must.

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