Help Us Name Our Cabin!

It’s been so exciting to watch the progress that the building crew has made over the last 10 weeks. I can see that we are getting so close to completion and it’s so thrilling to think we will be living here soon. As I blogged our progress over the last 3 months I keep referring to the house as “the new house” or “the cabin” or ” the Jocassee” (the model name from Blue Ridge Log Cabins), and I don’t think it will feel like home until we have a name. Now now everyone names their home. I can’t imagine having a name for the house we lived at in Fort Lauderdale for 12 years, although perhaps Hot and Humid would be appropriate. But here in the mountains, it just seems natural to have an appropriate name for your log cabin home.

Our first log home is High Rock Haven. A place that we felt when we finally completed it (after almost 2 years!) that was a haven we travelled to from South Florida to get a little closer to heaven. Then we built Mitchell View at High Rock, which has, like High Rock Haven an amazing view of Mt. Mitchell – the highest peak East of the Mississippi. Now we are getting ready to move out of and begin renting Creekside at High Rock – and the name speaks for itself – nestled among the Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel along side a gently flowing cool mountain creek.

So we are about to move to “the new cabin” which is at the peak of our property with views of Mt. Mitchell, Grand Father Mountain, and Catawaba Valley. A place where it’s not unusual to watch the Hawk and Eagles soar at eye level and the Black Bear meander through the yard.

What do you think, can you help us name our Blue Ridge Log Cabin? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.


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