Week Ten – No More Rain!

After a solid week of rain, we finally see some sun. Thankfully the crew has been inside this week. Over 5″ of rain in the area has caused some real damage. The creek at the bottom of the property is running like a river.

The highway to our home from Black Mountain has been closed due to a mudslide. The 12 minute ride to town is now a 45 minute detour. But thankfully the road to the house built by Mike and Stacy Ogle has held up like a champ. A testament to Stacy’s skill in road building.

landslide photo

Despite these complications, the work has progressed. Upstairs the interior has been stained. Quite a job to cover all of the windows, hardware, kitchen and all while the stain is sprayed. The cleanup is time consuming also, but now that it’s done the wood has a beautiful sheen. The flooring in the loft has been installed, and now the hardwood flooring on the main floor is next. Last week the solid Hickory flooring was delivered and has been acclimating to the  moisture conditions. We are installing Hickory #2 – this is the Hickory that is considered seconds, but for us it’s our first choice. This wood will have more character  – the prime Hickory is picked for its constancy and whiteness, but we prefer the rustic look of the rejects.

Here is a quick walk-thru of the progress that has been made in the past week:


3 responses to “Week Ten – No More Rain!

  1. When I click on the video it doesn’t play a picture? I hear you talking but no picture? I am curious too, thought the flooring was put in in the factory? Main floor anyway? We actually would rather not have it in, my husband installed flooring professionally and wants to do the wood and tile etc himself

  2. Sorry, try going to the video tab, you can see it there also. The flooring is typically put in at the factory – two reasons this one was not. 1. The loft on this model is finished on-site because of the size of the house components. 2. The main floor would have been installed in factory, but we opted to choose a flooring that they do not supply, so we took the credit from Blue Ridge and are doing it on site. You have that flexibility with them on most everything.

  3. One more thing, the foundation floor (ground floor) is Superior Walls components which is not purchased thru Blue Ridge, so we are responsible for the build out on this level. This will be pre-engineered floating wood floor from Lumber Liquidators.

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