Jocasse Building – Week 7 Update

Although we’ve made great progress on the deck of our log home in the last 2 weeks. The progress finishing the inside has been slow. Unfortunately, we have held up the Blue Ridge Log Cabins finishing crew from completing the trim work on the Jocassee because we had to wait for the inspections on the mechanical, HVAC and insulation on the first floor Superior Walls foundation.

It has been 6 weeks and 5 days since Blue Ridge Log Cabins delivered our log cabin and assembled it in just 2 days. Their finishing crew was on the job in just a few days working on the exterior trim and roofing. They moved inside to frame out the loft and other items, but we put them on hold for two weeks while we worked to meet building inspections on the build-out of the Superior Walls foundation floor. But they are back on the job and in just one day you can see the difference.


5 responses to “Jocasse Building – Week 7 Update

  1. We are enjoying your blog and vast experience with both the Black Mountain area and Blue Ridge Log Homes. We also live in South Florida(Pompano Beach) and have been looking at properties in and around Black Mountain for about the last 5 years. We have our house on the market and it is slow selling right now, but the market is improving. One area that we like is the Laurel Ridge subdivision. We are planning to live there full time. We believe that we want to be at an elevation of 3500+. The view from your new home is awesome! Would appreciate any suggestions you might have of areas to look at for land in Black Mountain and any other advice for picking land in the mountains….since we are lifetime South Floridians!

    Thanks so much, Barbara & Mike Halprin

  2. So glad you are enjoying the blog. It’s been harder to keep up with than I thought it would be. But a lot of fun. Your making a great move if you get to Black Mountain, its a small town so the home choices can be limited. We were lucky enough to find a beautiful piece of property and choose to build rather than buy pre-built. We’ve been in the Laurel Ridge community once or twice and it is a very nice spot, though I’m not sure of the elevation. They do have paved roads and that is an important consideration for many. We have about a mile of gravel road to our nome and have no problem with it. After 30 years of South Florida traffic the extra few minutes it takes is nothing to us. If you are open to putting a little gravel in your travels have your Realtor keep an eye on the properties in High Rock Acres, there are some nice homes in the neighborhood. If you want to build prices at The Settings have been reduced to a more reasonable rate. When your in the area look us up – we’d bee happy to show you around.

  3. enjoyed your blog we are planning the move from florida to N.C. and have purchased property on Lake Glenville near Cashiers NC. We have seen the models at Blue Ridge log cabins and fell in love with the Jocasee . If I am not being to noisy would you let me know which Jocasee you chose and what the final cost was and what did it cost for that custom deck you did. We are trying to avoid as many surprises as possible and seeing one built has put us back on track to do this project . Best of luck with your home . We are going to look at your web site and look into a stay at your place . thanks for any help.

    • Hi mark

      We are interested in jocasee too, can you tell us roughly how much will it cost us to build one. We only have limited fund, once I know your estimate we will decided whether to go forward with Jocasee. Many thanks

  4. Where is the cute little house you had in magazine & built on your lot $80T? I love it but can’t see it on your page! Not everyone wants a BIG

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