Mechanical Inspection a No-Go.

No good news today. We did not pass the Mechanical Inspection by Buncombe County. We’ve already fallen a week behind in finishing up the interior walls waiting for the propane company to install the 1,000 propane tank and run the lines into the house for the water heater, heat pump, stove and grill. It took them all last week to complete this and none of the walls could be closed up until this is done and the Mechanical passed. Well we did’nt pass. There were 5 minor issues to correct, all taken care of except 1. The propane lines are not holding pressure, which means there is a small leak somewhere in the house. There is no propane in the tank (YET), it took the propane company all day Monday and again today to find and repair the problem. Tomorrow they will call the Inspectors back to re-inspect …

Meanwhile, the deck is moving right along. The last of the support posts have been secured in place to support the stairs – all 3 sets of them. We wanted our at the first floor level to take advantage of the best possible view. It paid off – the view is amazing – and as an added benefit, we’re all going to get some exercise.
The only downside to that is during the winter when we need to haul wood upstairs for the stove it will be quite a workout. The plan is to put in an electric wench driven wood caddy to raise the firewood from the ground to deck level.


2 responses to “Mechanical Inspection a No-Go.

  1. It all looks wonderful! The railing is so natural and textured, I love the look;) well even though you are behind a bit it is still lots faster than a traditionally built log home huh!?
    I am enjoying seeing your home come together, it is keeping my dream alive ( which is keeping my husband and myself working long hours to get there;)
    Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  2. Thanks Aubrey, we are thrilled with the house so far. The portion of the house that Blue Ridge Log Cabins built is right on schedule, but it’s finishing the foundation that takes more time. But, we are on budget and that’s a plus! I hear that Blue Ridge Log Cabins has a new financing program that is making news. A little late for us, but maybe it is something for you to check out.

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