April 5 – 5 Weeks: Where are we now?

A beautiful day to enjoy the view from the new deck! YEA. Mike and the guys are working on the porch roofs that will cover 3 portions of the deck. The grand staircase in front of the house is done, but there are still 2 side staircases to go. Monday the railings will be brought to the house site and installation will begin. They are being prepared at the workshop of Appalachian Designs. Lang has installed 3 of our 4 rail systems, and he does an outstanding job. I am so thrilled with the way it is turning out.

Progress on the inside the house this week was a disappointment. A little oversite cost us a week in build time. The propane tank and lines were not scheduled before the county Mechanical Inspector was called. So the inspection had to be called off this week while we had Suburban Propane come up and bury the tank and run the lines into the house. We could not get an appointment until Wednesday and they are just finishing up today. So everything inside has been on hold – no walls could be closed up or T&G installed until we pass inspection. Looks like next week is gonna be a long one making up for lost time.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed the Buncombe County Inspector gets here early Monday and we can once again get the Blue Ridge Log Cabins crew back on the job. They should be able to complete their job next week, but Mike and his local crew still have a couple of weeks to finish out the Superior Walls level.

One thing that did get done this week was the installation of the tile in the Master Bathroom. We choose not to have the standard shower installed from Blue Ridge Log Cabins in the master – we did however get them in the guest room and the kids room. Roy Perry, Here we get a quick peek at the finished product. Now we just have to install the shower head and handle.


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