Devastating Ice Damage

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The build day is back on for Thursday, Feb. 28. Check in for photos, video and update all day.

Today we woke up to an ice storm that had hit thru the night. Rain in the region was expected with hi-winds, but on our side of the mountain the rain that fell soon froze on the road, the trees and bushes, power lines and the foundation. As the ice accumulated on the trees they began to bend and break. First thing in the morning Mike made a call to Blue Ridge Log Cabins to put the transportation of the house modules on hold. There is no reason to bring them up now, we will be days in clearing the debris and assessing the damage.

Photo Gallery of the damage:


3 responses to “Devastating Ice Damage

  1. Hope you can repair the damage and continue with your project…Praying all works out….I am following your blog closely and have been very inspired….Marlene

    • Thanks for your support. It was a crazy day but persistence pays off. Mike just amazes me over and over with his determination and hard work. Everyone pulled together, so we should on track to begin setting the house by
      noon Thursday.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your ice storm. My family used to own a home on top of Eagle’s Nest Mountain in Waynesville, NC. I love the area and still have kin in the area. I certainly hope you are able to get back on track very soon.

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