Catching up to Blue Ridge

Feb 25 – Count down has begun to build day – scheduled for Feb 27! We’re under pressure to catch up to Blue Ridge who has our Jocassee V complete, wrapped and ready for delivery and assembly. Urgh – it’s rather embarrassing to have them beat us to the finish line. Usually it’s the other way around, home owners are typically waiting and waiting for their builder who have overages and construction delays. But we are just a few days behind – even though it’s been a mild winter weather has definitely impacted our on-site preparation – something that Blue Ridge did not have to content with inside their climate controlled million dollar manufacturing facility, modular log cabin building is the way to go.

Mike and crew have been working on building out the load bearing walls in the ground floor. Estimated to be a 3-day job, they are 2 days into it and we are forecast for a full day of rain tomorrow! If the weatherman gets it right we’ll be pushing back the build by a day or two. Bummer.

Knowing that we are just a few days away from having the house set it’s time to start moving on preping for the finishing. The next job is still a big one – the Deck. Like our other first log cabins, we will be building the deck ourselves. Blue Ridge can build your decks if you contract with them, their crew is experienced and professional. But we have really want to build our deck with natural cedar posts and locust railings. This will be a big undertaking and a substancial expense. Mike is on the hunt for the cedar posts, no luck finding them locally, we’re waiting for some photos of posts from a supplier in Indiana. Below you will find a gallery of the posts and railings from High Rock Haven.


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