Pouring the Foundation Slab

Feb 21 – An absolutely beautiful day on the mountain, sunny and 55 degrees. A perfect day to pour cement. The foundation has been prepared for Vernon Green and his crew to give us a floor. Plastic has been laid over the pea gravel, and new footers have been dug under the supporting wall locations. Rebar has been inserted for additional support. Mike will explain a little more in the video. (To come) Good thing we were able to get this done today, forecast for tonight is freezing rain. Once the crew is done they will cover the slab with masonry blankets to protect it from the freeze.

So as I watched the first truckload of concrete being pumped into the foundation I had a thought. I should have had the kids prepare a time-capsule to be buried under the foundation slab. Of course they were already at school for the day so I ran back to the house to gather up some family photos – forgetting, of course, that I already packed up all the photo albums for our move into the new house (trying to get a head start). I did have a few in my wallet and in a couple of desk top frames, so I snagged them and wrote some personal details on the back of the photos and put them in a tupperware bowl to be sunk in the concrete footer under the front doors.  Now I expect this house to stand for hundreds of years – so who knows maybe on of our ancestors will find it some day …


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