Sneaking Into The Factory

Feb 19 – Today we woke up to a snow covered mountain, and forecast was rain in the afternoon. Not much was scheduled to happen on-site, so I took a quick ride down to Blue Ridge Log Cabins to get a peak at the last of the modular sections before they were all packaged up for delivery next week. Most of it was safely tucked away, but I caught a glimps of the kitchen just as they were finishing up the countertops, and one of the living room sections before the final protective wrapping was secured for mobilization. Sara was there to get me in the back door …

By noon the snow had melted off and there were no rain clouds in sight. Mike made it up to the build site to work with Stacy Ogle to clear a little more brush on the hillside approaching the house. Villazon Plumbing has completed the rough-in and the county inspector came to give his approval and Progress Energy showed up to turn on our temporary power. Below Mike give us a quick visual review.


2 responses to “Sneaking Into The Factory

  1. Your kitchen turned out lovely!! I really like the layout and can’t wait to see pics of the finished product!! Please do post pics of all the finished rooms, so we can see spacing, furniture arrangement, etc. This is SO helpful to those of us who are planning our own Jocassee! I have so many questions regarding the basic process, and I am sure I am driving our salesman crazy with my seemingly simple questions, and I can only imagine the headaches for them as we go about customizing:) this whole process is fascinating really.

  2. Glad to be of assistance, I wish we had someone’s brain to pick (other than sales people) before we started our first log cabin. Feel free to ask us if we can answer anything for you. This is our 3rd Blue Ridge Log Cabin and we’ve learned a lot by asking tons of questions along the way.

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