Foundations Walls Are Up!

February 13 – Yesterday was clear and beautiful, tomorrow is supposed to be clear and beautiful … today, visibility is clouded with a thick layer of fog that is blanketing the mountain. The temp is about 36 degrees with a cold mist chilling my bones. But the good news is – the foundation is going up! The Superior Walls crew arrived at 8:30 am, but Stacey Ogle was already here scraping off the top layer of mud and water that has settled on the building site in the last few days of rain. Cambell Crain has brought in the crain and set it up on site and the trucks are hauling up the partitioned walls. One by one they will be picked up by the crain and set into place ontop of the prepared footers. It’s a bit too wet today to complete the sealing of the seams, so the crew has told us they will let the walls dry out for a day or two and come back to seal the seams in the sun.



7 responses to “Foundations Walls Are Up!

  1. How exciting! It must be awesome to be able to see your home taking shape! I can’t wait to build our BRLC, and am so excited you are doing this blog, it is wonderful to watch the process!

  2. Enjoying watching the progress. I am hoping to learn more about BRLC. I have been looking at various log home manufacturers- including Blue Ridge. I really would like to get things going soon!

  3. I am so excited for you. My husband and I are going to build a log home in Tennesse and will be using the Superior Wall system also. I am looking forward to watching your progress to completion and I hope to able to post my own construction photes starting in late March or early April. Good luck and keep us updated!!!

    • We’re happy for you. Lots of wonderful log homes in Tennessee. Fortunately you’ll be building in the spring, we’ve been lucky so far that we have not had many weather delays on site, it’s been a mild winter – of course, BRLC is building in the factory so I’m sure they will meet their deadlines, I just keep my fingers crossed we can have the site work ready. We are scheduled to have the home constructed on-site February 27th – and we are trying to stream the whole day live omline.

  4. Oops, I just realized that I need to proof read before posting misspelled a couple of words. One being Tennessee of all things! My husbands family live in Marshall NC. So you’re not far from them. Maybe next time we’re over that way, we’ll drive over and take a look at High Rock Rentals. Would love to see what you’ve done.

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