Factory Update – Feb 14

How fitting, we get our RED KITCHEN CABINETS installed today, from what I can see they look awesome. The nice thing about working with Blue Ridge Log Cabins is that they are so accommodating. Not only do they work with us on our customization such things, they get so excited about doing it. They love to see what their customers imaginations can come up with to challenge them. Wesley and Jason in the engineering department are super! Move this, add that, changed my mind again …. no problem.

On site, we had a small glitch today, apparently yesterday one of the trucks hit our temporary phone lines which knocked out telephone and internet to our Creekside Cabin (where we are presently living). No phone or internet for two days – that’s trauma for my son, Jake and daughter Kayla. ATT techs, Mike and Stacy are on the job getting us up and running. All was taken care of by the time I got home from work. Way to go guys!


One response to “Factory Update – Feb 14

  1. In the video, she says that your red kitchen cabinets are “stained”… is that right? or are they painted? and also the cabinet door design is not one that I have seen as one of their options. Did you design them yourself and they made them for you? Or maybe they changed their options since this cabin was built. The cabin is beautiful! We are just starting the process of constructing a Blowing Rock II. Thanks for any help, Guerry

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