Color My Kitchen

Do you have a dream kitchen? Well mine would come with a built in cook that would answer the dreaded question “Mom, what’s for dinner tonight?” To bad Blue Ridge Log Cabins can’t throw that in to my kitchen design! Well they have included just about everything else.

Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Disposal, Sinks, Faucets, Lighting, Cabinets ….


What do you think of the color in these cabinets?

But I’ve been stressing out over my cabinet color. I really want to add color to the kitchen and I found this image of a kitchen that is pretty much what I have in my mind. So I sent the photo to BRLC. I thought it would be simple, but I have been educated today by Blue Ridge Log Cabins cabinet supplier Sawyer Cabinets in Campobello and stain supplier Sherwin-Williams in Spartanburg. Apparently there are various ways to achieve the desired colors. Paint, Stain and Lacquer to name a few. Our cabinets will be made from solid pine, and of course the colors can vary on different species of wood.

So to be honest, I’m not sure what I want, painted or stained. I’ve decided my first choice would be stained, so we can still see the grain and knots in the wood. But pine is a light wood, with a slight yellow ting, so I’m concern that the stains available will not be strong enough to reach the depth of color I want. If I go with painted, I would want it to be an antique red. And I want the black for the Island, which will be painted and antiqued with a rub-through technique.

Well I have been battering Sawyer Cabinets with questions all week, and today I took a drive down with some stain and paint samples and a sample door supplied by Blue Ridge to finalize my cabinet design choice. Blue Ridge is going to need the cabinets for installation in a few days. Rhonda at Sawyer Cabinets is easing my mind by having my test door stained tonight with the Paprika stain from Sherwin-Williams. So tomorrow I can feel better about my decision. They have been so patient and helpful.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


2 responses to “Color My Kitchen

  1. What timely pictures!!!! We are building a BRLC next spring and I had my heart set on black and red cabinets! please post pictures of your final results!

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