Factory Update: Logs Are Ready

D-Logs Cut And Ready For Stacking from High Rock Rentals on Vimeo.

Today we got a video update from Sarah at Blue Ridge Log Cabins. As you can see in the video the logs have been cut and sanded. In this house we have opted for the 8 x 8 D-Log. Since this house is in higher elevation and exposed to the hi-winds that whip through the mountains we decided it would be a good investment. You can choose from the 6 x 8 D-Log, the 8 x 8 D-Log or the 6 x 12 Flat Dovetail. In the first two houses we used the 6 x 8’s.

As you can see in this video, the logs are solid and beefy. And although the weather has been wet and cold here in Black Mountain, the weather inside the factory has been controlled and dry. The logs are moved from the cutting facility just up the hill to the building site. Inside this plant we are sure our logs are protected from the elements and the crew is ready to begin the stacking.

Unlike our first cabin, which was a “do-it-yourself” log cabin kit, we know that the crew will show up every day and no matter what the weather is like we won’t experience any delays. For us, this is a major advantage of modular building.


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