So Much Brush


Stacy Ogle clears the hi-side while Mike Roseman installs a silt fence on the low-side.

The first three weeks of the drive way construction was completed mostly with  a 40,000 pound track hoe. This included roughing in the driveway, approximately 1100 feet to the top where the house site will be prepared. Once the road was roughed in we had to clear approximately 30-40 feet on each side of the 15 foot wide drive way. This entailed removing the brush and tree stumps and loading it into our 14 foot trailer and pulling it with the bull dozer to the top, then off loading it to a pile for burning. We made about 40 trips up and down the driveway with the trailer full of brush, and the track hoe following behind with a mouthful brush. At the top Stacey would then unload the trailer for the next trip.

During the clearing process we had to cut down approximately 100 trees. That included sawing the stumps and then hauling the trees to a location that was out of the way. Some were taken to the top near the building site, and some were piled at the beginning of the driveway. These trees will be used for building projects on the property or for firewood.

We saved quite a bit of money by burning our debris rather than having to pay for loads and loads to be hauled of by dump trucks. Of course, we had to have a permit for this and we dug the pit and brought in the Pit Burner to facilitate the burning. It is amazing to see how fast the brush and stumps burn, the pit gets incredibly hot and incinerates the debris so quickly.


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